Personal Loans1 for Tesla Employees

Apply for a low-cost Salary Finance loan to pay down existing, high-cost debt. Loan amounts from $750 - $35,000 at fixed rates ranging from 5.9% to 19.9% Annual Percentage Rate (APR).2 Loan terms range from 6-36 months, and there are no early repayment fees.

Why take a Salary Finance Loan?

We’re different - We have a higher acceptance rate than most other lenders while still keeping our rates affordable3.

You’ll have your money quickly 4 - Most of our customers receive their loan proceeds within 2 business days of an accepted and approved application.

We're honest - There are no hidden charges or unwanted surprises, and submitting an application will not affect your credit score5.

You can feel secure - We take repayments direct from your salary, giving you comfort that you will never miss a payment.

1 Salary Finance is an optional program, not a recommendation from Tesla. Tesla does not benefit financially from offering this
service and communications regarding your loan will be through Salary Finance directly. Salary Finance branded loans are offered by
Axos Bank® Member FDIC, and are subject to eligibility, underwriting, terms and conditions, and approval. Salary deduction payments
are not available to employees who work primarily in DC, IN, NH, NJ, NY and WV.
2 Your individual fixed rate and maximum loan eligibility may vary based on your creditworthiness and employer.
3 The determination of affordable is taken from Salary Finance borrower data between March 31, 2021 to March 31, 2022. Regular loan repayment was on average 4.66% of a borrower's gross bi-weekly pay.
4 Subject to receipt of required documentation, underwriting guidelines, and processing time by your employer or bank.
5 In the event you are approved for and accept a Salary Finance loan, a hard inquiry will appear on your credit report, which may impact your credit score.

Representative example of a Salary Finance loan

A $3,500 loan with a fixed interest rate of 16.9% APR repaid over 36 months (in 78 bi-weekly installments) will require a bi-weekly principal and interest payment of $57.35.

The total cost after 36 months is $4,472.95, which includes $972.95 interest with no origination or early repayment fees.

Please note: This example is illustrative only. The rate you are offered and repayments may differ depending on your personal financial situation.